Appointment Reminders

ClientTell is a leading provider of automated patient appointment reminders in the healthcare service industry. With our cloud-based notification platform, we can help you efficiently deliver important messages to patients about confirming appointments, paying past due balances, retrieving lab results, scheduling preventive care visits and much more on behalf of your hospital, practice or organization. By using our system of phone, email, text message reminders and smartphone push notification delivery, you’ll reach your clients in the most effective and convenient ways possible. This method of patient engagement has proven to increase operational efficiency and reduce no-shows, while also boosting staff productivity and morale.

Thousands of providers rely on ClientTell to deliver their appointment reminders, bill pay alerts and related notifications. Our patient messaging system is HIPAA compliant, using our hosted-model approach that we pioneered and that has been widely adopted by others in the industry. You can trust that we’ll put our reputation for quality service, outstanding customer support and industry innovation to work for your practice. For more information, call 877-244-9178 or email us to request a demo or a quote.


“We don’t close often; this was the first time in a long time.  But we were able to make the decision during a 4 a.m. conference call, then simply ask ClientTell to ‘flip the switch’ to inform each of our patients. Their rapid response to our needs is tremendously helpful.”

- Andrea Romine, Manager of Dean Answering Services

“In the past, with another company, it would sometimes take weeks to resolve technical issues. When we switched to ClientTell, that was no longer a concern.  ClientTell always provides a fix within 24 hours, and many times they do it within a couple of hours of first contact. That is very reassuring.”

- Heidi Morace, Systems Administrator

“Since implementing ClientTell, we’ve cut our no-show rate in half from 18% to 9%. This has translated into $500,000 in new revenue. This patient notification initiative we’ve conducted with ClientTell has been a big success.”

- Scott Larson, Administrative Director, Children’s Orthopaedic Center (Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles)

“I love the customer service that ClientTell provides and we love having a personal support representative.  Not only is she friendly and pleasant, she always takes care of our problems right away. This is coming from a Director of Customer Service and I think ClientTell’s support is amazing.”
Chrissy Wedel,  Director of Customer Service, Wellspring Resources

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Delivering Effective Appointment Reminders

ClientTell is different from other automated appointment reminder services, and that’s a good thing for your hospital, medical practice or healthcare service organization. Not only is adhering to the latest standards for healthcare information security and compliance of utmost importance to us, so is delivering a reliable patient notification solution. At every step, we’ll put our expertise to work for you–from the professional advice we’ll offer when customizing your messaging system to the expedient technical support attention you’ll get if issues arise.  If you are considering an appointment reminder service for the first time or simply looking to replace your current vendor, we invite you to put us to the test and experience the ClientTell difference. To learn more, call 877-244-9178 or email us to request a demo or a quote.


Appointment Reminders

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