Sample Scripts for Bill Pay Manager

Still have questions about ClientTell’s Bill Pay Manager? Take a look at these bill pay reminder script templates and voice message samples below.

Inbound Messages

Caller Dials Unique Toll-Free Number


Thank you for calling the “CLIENT NAME” automated Pay-By-Phone System [CUSTOMIZED PROMPT]

  • From the following options, please choose your preferred language.
  • For English, Press 1; For Spanish Press 2
  • Please enter your account number followed by the pound key.
  • The balance due on your account at this time is “Balance Due Amount”
  • Proceed to make Payment.

Outbound Messages

First Call – Soft Notice
Hello, this is an important message from (Business Name Merge), we are calling to remind (First Name Merge) that our records show an unpaid balance in the amount of (Balance Merge). If you have already paid this balance, thank you for your payment. If it remains unpaid today, if you would like to make a payment using our automated Pay-By-Phone system, please press 1. You will need your account number and a valid credit or debit card.

Thank you for your time.

Press (2) if you would like to replay this message.


60 Days Overdue

Hello this is (Business Name Merge) calling with an important message for (First Name Merge). You can transfer to our automated Pay-By-Phone service at any time by pressing the 1 key. We have noticed that your account is 60 days past due and it is very important that you contact our billing department or make a payment as soon as possible.

If you would like to be transferred to a receptionist during this call, please press 0.
If you would like to use the automated Pay-By-Phone service, please press 1.

If you would like to repeat this message, please press 2.