Reminder Manager

At ClientTell, we are serious about our core mission of delivering important messages for the thousands of providers that trust us as their patient communication provider. Our commitment to each provider and their patients is simple: provide the best patient communication at an affordable cost and make it easy to use. The ReminderManager system automatically contacts patients for a variety of relevant notifications via phone, e-mail, text or smartphone app.  We strive to make appointment confirmations an afterthought for your practice.


With ClientTell, you never have to worry about high monthly minimums and long-term “locked-in contracts.” We have our sights set on customer service and performance; our enterprise-class system was built from the ground up with web-native technologies that are easily maintained and updated. We are determined, as one of the fastest growing companies in the notifications market, to bring the most reliable and advanced solutions to you.

Through ClientTell, technologize your practice and join the thousands of elite healthcare providers that have enjoyed and benefited from ClientTell’s appointment reminder services for more than 14 years.


ClientTell does not require a long-term contract.  So, why do other appointment reminder companies require a contract?

A: “They” are afraid to back their product on a monthly basis.
A: “They” hope you sign up and forget to call in for support.
A: “They” are worried about their stock price instead of their customer service.
A: “They” can auto-renew your contract if you happen to forget.

With ClientTell, we’ll never trick you into staying on board.  Our clients stay with us because they want to, not because they have to.  At ClientTell, customer service is not a department; it’s what we do every day to stay in business and keep our customers happy.  Appointment reminders are only the beginning of what we have to offer.