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Fall 2015

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Here are our latest innovations and updates that can help you take your TeleVox patient communication technology to the next level!

Tsync File Utility makes file transfers easy

TeleVox strives to continually add to our list of integrated EMR/PMS partners however if your system does not yet have an integration set up for automated file retrieval, the Tsync File Utility can help you plan ahead and avoid late files. This update replaces TVWEBPOST, and using a shared folder, allows TeleVox to periodically check for uploaded data files and send daily result files back to you using the same folder. For more information or to set up this Tsync File Utility shared folder for your practice, go to and create an online support request or call TeleVox Support at 1.877.269.2904.


New iAPPS and Wpromote solution for online success

TeleVox and trusted search engine optimization partner Wpromote have collaborated to combine the eye-catching website design and engaging content brought to you by iAPPS with the powerful search engine optimization, pay-per-click, email marketing and social media management power of Wpromote in one solution — Grow SEO. This proven formula for attracting new patients, gaining market exposure and building relationships online will take your practice’s online presence to the next level through customized online marketing tools and strategies. To learn more about this exciting new collaboration, call 1.800.644.4266 to speak with your local TeleVox representative.


Get patients opted in for text messaging in 2016

To start offering text messages to your patients, you’ll need to get them opted in. This can be achieved through a variety of methods, including an automated calling campaign with IVR opt-in prompts, setting up an Org Key and scanning QR codes. Click here for a list of opt-in methods available as well as information on the TCPA’s prior express consent rules for healthcare and text messaging. If you would like to offer text messages to your patients or need help with your opt-in methods, simply create an online support request using your account or call 1.800.644.4266. Modernize your patient communication with text messaging!


Wellness and prevention in the 2015 flu season

The CDC is recommending flu shots as early as October, and some of your on-the-go patients may need a little help remembering to get vaccinated. Some may simply be busy and forget, while others may not be aware of the risks they face by not receiving one. Improve patient outcomes and help your community avoid the flu virus this season by reminding patients to get vaccinated. TeleVox’s automated phone, text and email notifications are an effective way to spread awareness to all of your patients. Click here to request more information on the TeleVox flu campaigns. To set up a flu message and calling schedule for your practice, create an online support request at


Proactively plan your holiday closing schedules

The holidays will be here before you know it, and the days leading up to them can be hectic. TeleVox does not send patient notifications on Christmas Day unless otherwise instructed by your office. However, if you plan to close for additional days around Thanksgiving, Christmas or another end of year holiday, don’t wait till the last minute to adjust your schedules accordingly. Click here for a brief tutorial on how you can easily do this using your account. If you need additional help, create an online support request or call 1.877.269.2904.

Integration Updates

Here are the latest updates to some of our integrated partner PMS/EMR systems. We have a large and growing list of integrations and can automate your call file submission. If you are still manually sending your files, create a support request using our recently created online support system and ask how you can automate.

Dentrix integration now supports G6

We are happy to announce the TeleVox/Dentrix integration has now been updated to support the latest Dentrix PMS System upgrade to G6! This update will continue to allow automated data file retrieval with patient notification results displayed on your Dentrix schedule. If you already have an integration installed, there will be no interruption or additional installation needed when you upgrade to G6. If you are a Dentrix user and are still manually submitting your data files to TeleVox, create an online support request or call TeleVox Support at 1.877.269.2904 to request installation. Take advantage of this bi-directional feature that reduces staff time and provides real-time appointment notification results on your Dentrix schedule for at-a-glimpse status updates.


Targeted A/R notifications for NextGen users

TeleVox clients have found that adjusting notification message tone and scripting language according to the severity of the delinquency improves collection rates. Our latest update to the TeleVox/NextGen integration allows HouseCalls to work seamlessly with your NextGen system to retrieve past due patient balances and adjust your outreach according to their stage in the A/R cycle. If you are not already using HouseCalls for patient balance notifications, call 1.800.644.4266 to speak with your local sales representatives about the impact automation could have on your revenue cycle management and staff time. To update your TeleVox/NextGen integration with more targeted campaigns, go to the online support system using your account and request a new message and calling schedule.


Bi-directional integration update for Oasys

Oasys users can now not only automate appointment reminder notifications but also see the results populated directly within your Oasys schedule for real-time appointment status updates. To update your HouseCalls/Oasys integration to allow for bi-directional appointment updates, log in to your account and create an online support request. If you are an Oasys and HouseCalls user without integration, go to the online support system to request setup or call TeleVox Support at 1.877.269.2904. For more information about our HouseCalls solution, call 1.800.644.4266 to speak with a local representative.