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Above & Beyond

Spring 2016

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Here are our latest innovations and updates that can help you take your TeleVox Solutions to the next level!

TeleVox is Officially West!

In 2007 West Corporation invested in TeleVox as an extension of its expertise in the healthcare market. We have now aligned our brands under the single name West and will continue helping healthcare practices leverage technology to engage patients through our TeleVox Solutions. Aside from our name and look, clients should not expect anything to change. Our clients remain our highest priority, and you can expect the same capabilities and reliable service you have come to expect from TeleVox Solutions. Your billing, contract, product dashboards, sites like and day-to-day contacts will also remain the same. If you haven’t already done so, please check take a moment to read this letter from West SVP of Healthcare, Lisa Taylor and then check out our newly redesigned website

New Reports for Text Messaging

Text messaging is quickly becoming the most preferred patient communication channel. Because of the convenience it allows patients and the high response rate it provides practices, many of our clients are now offering text messages in their practice. To assist those clients, we have created new reports within the client dashboard that quickly show the opt-in status of all patients within a selected date range. Clients can use this new report to see the success of their opt-in campaign(s) or determine which patients may not be aware of the option for text. Access this new report and start texting more patients on

* If your practice has not yet added text messaging to your patient communication strategy, call 1.800.644.4266 or email to speak with your local representative about how easy it is to start texting your patients!

New Season and New On-Hold Messaging

Some of your best growth opportunities are waiting on the line. Keep your on-hold messaging fresh and engaging with quarterly updates and seasonal topics. If you are already using TeleVox On-Hold Messaging, keep an eye out for our seasonal email reminder that will include some ideas for Spring messages and call 1.800.706.0459 or email to request your on-hold messaging updates!

*If your practice is not currently using on-hold messaging, you are missing an opportunity to make a good impression on first time callers, promote additional procedures or treatment options, reduce dropped calls and more! Call 1.800.644.4266 or email for more information on TeleVox On-Hold Messaging.

Bi-Directional HouseCalls Platform Integrations

West has a large and growing list of integrations that automate your outbound notification schedules and allow results to display within your practice management software for real-time status updates and reduced reporting needs. Below are new additions to our bidirectional integration list.

New Additions


More Bi-Directional Integrations


If you are still spending valuable office time manually exporting and sending call files for your patient notifications, create a support request using our online support system and ask how you can automate!

*West does NOT charge clients to integrate however, scheduling software provider fees may apply.