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Above & Beyond

Summer 2015

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Here are our latest innovations and updates that can help you take your TeleVox patient communication technology to the next level!

Online support system for HouseCalls users

In an effort to continually improve our client support, we have released a new system that will allow you to create and update support requests online 24/7. No need to spend valuable clinic time on the phone with a support representative to request help or check on the status of your last support request. You can now submit your requests after hours and focus on your patients during business hours. This new system can be accessed through your current account. It is not only convenient to use but will also help speed up resolution times and allow ongoing communication with your TeleVox support representative. You can also receive real-time email updates on your case so you are aware of the status of your request at all times. Click here for a step-by-step user guide to accessing the new system and creating a support request. Log in to your account today and try it out!


Increase response rates with text messaging

TeleVox offers multiple outlets for you to reach and engage your patients. Communicate via call, text, email, on-hold messaging, website design and content management, and social media marketing with TeleVox. If you are only using HouseCalls for notification calls, contact your TeleVox representative today and learn how easy it is to start texting your patients using your HouseCalls product! TeleVox is always striving to provide you with the most efficient and effective methods of connecting with your patients. Call 1.877.269.2904 and ask how you can modernize your patient engagement with text messaging!

Integration Updates

NextGen integration upgrade

The TeleVox/NextGen integration has been updated to not only have the ability to reflect appointment confirmations on your schedule, but also allow canceled appointments to be removed from your schedule automatically. You can quickly view your last minute appointment openings and call your waiting list to fill those slots! This update also allows TeleVox to push notification outreach results to each patient’s record to show the history of all outreach efforts made with each patient. This history record will help you easily meet Meaningful Use requirements. There is no cost to add these new features to your TeleVox/NextGen integration! Simply use our new online support request system or call 1.877.269.2904 and let us know you would like to turn on these new features.


Dentrix G5 integration upgrade

The TeleVox/Dentrix integration for HouseCalls not only automates call file retrieval but now can also show the results of those calls directly on your schedule! Our Dentrix Certified Connected integration eliminates the need to pull a daily results report and manually adjust your schedule for the day. After each calling session, TeleVox will update your appointment block colors based on the call results using the same status color assignments you are already familiar with in your Dentrix schedule. If you would like TeleVox to report back to your Dentrix system each day with the results of our appointment reminder calls, simply create a support request via our new online support request system or call 1.877.269.2904.


CS OrthoTrac Office integration upgrade

The TeleVox/OrthoTrac Office integration for HouseCalls has been upgraded with the ability to have appointment confirmation status and notification notes populated to the patient appointment on your schedule. Get this new upgrade to see check marks added to the appointments that have been confirmed and a history of all notification attempts and results in the notes for each appointment. This update is available whether you are on an in-house server or the CareStream Cloud. To add these time saving features to your integration, simply submit a request form on our new online support request system or call 1.877.269.2904 to speak with a support representative.


Compulink users, save time and automate your file submissions! We have added Compulink to our growing list of scheduling software integrations that allows us to automatically pull those files directly from your system with no manual work needed from you or your staff! All Compulink clients on version 11 or higher are eligible and may request API access from Compulink. Compulink will then issue the necessary credentials to TeleVox, eliminating the need to manually upload your notification schedule. With these API credentials, TeleVox communicates directly with your Compulink system to retrieve the data necessary to complete your regularly scheduled notifications! If you would like to integrate your Compulink and TeleVox products, go to to submit an API request form or call Compulink customer care at 1.800.888.8075. We will take it from there and call you when it is ready!


New AdvancedMD Integration

Advanced MD has been added to the TeleVox integrations list! Save a step in your automated notification calls by setting up this integration and allowing TeleVox to automatically pull the necessary files from your system. Imagine never having that feeling of “Oh no! I forgot to pull and send that list!”. We can do it for you! If you would like to integrate your AdvancedMD and TeleVox products, simply email AdvancedMD at or call 1.888.700.9060 and select option 4 to request a Connect Module (API) Setup Office Key and begin the integration.*

*Applicable fees may apply from AdvancedMD. *TeleVox does NOT charge clients to integrate their scheduling software with our automated notification software, however some scheduling software providers may charge additional fees to set up the integration in their system. Please check with your scheduling software representative to confirm any additional fees.