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Posted on December 8, 2009 by West Corporation 

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Dentists and Orthodontists Smile About TeleVox™ Websites

Dentists and orthodontists are benefiting from the websites creation service that provides quality professional websites in as little as 45 days. This development cycle is far faster than other services catering to the health care industry, which often take up to eight months.

TeleVox has worked with dentists, orthodontists and other health care professionals for several years, developing an intricate understanding of their communications needs via the Web and other channels. From this understanding, the company has developed a fast, efficient system to design websites that meet the unique needs of dentists and orthodontists, whether they are in large practices or in small ones, whether they offer many services or specialize in certain areas.

TeleVox consults with doctors seeking website development services to learn specifics about their businesses in order to design a site that meets each customer’s individual tastes and desires. Helping to accelerate website development completion is TeleVox’s proprietary Collaborate tool. Without sacrificing quality, uniqueness or customization of design, TeleVox uses the Collaborate tool to stay in close contact with each orthodontist throughout the site development process, ensuring quick response to site design requests, changes and approvals. The orthodontist can see each proposed design and site architecture, make comments and have any needed changes made quickly by the TeleVox design team.

“What made me select TeleVox was their customer service, their good reputation, and the fact that they specialized in Web development for the dental field,” says Allison Albrecht with Hood Dental Care. “Even though I came back with additional changes, and more things I wanted to add to the site, TeleVox was able to get the website up and running for us in about five weeks.”

Albrecht adds, “We loved the initial phone consult with TeleVox to get and exchange design ideas and they really listened to what we wanted. Within a couple of weeks they got back to me with a demo. They were always getting back with implemented changes immediately.”

“Good websites are critical for today’s health care practices. But orthodontists and dentists want to spend their time treating patients, not worrying about the design or the performance of their sites,” says Scott Zimmerman, business leader for TeleVox. “We help meet both of these needs by working as a website design partner who handles all of the intricate elements of the process to develop a site that delivers benefits to the orthodontists and their patients.”

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