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Posted on March 27, 2008 by West Corporation 

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TeleVox™ Announces Results of Client Satisfaction Study

HouseCalls® Continues to Benefit Healthcare Practices

Mobile, AL, March 27, 2008 — TeleVox Software, a leading provider of communication solutions for the healthcare industry, today announced the results of a client satisfaction impact study conducted by HealthCare Management Consultants, Inc.

The study was conducted by HealthCare Management Consultants (HCMC) in the fall of 2007 as a follow-up to a similar study conducted by the firm on behalf of TeleVox in 2001. The study’s objective was to evaluate the benefits of HouseCalls, TeleVox’s automated messaging system, in live healthcare environments. Healthcare providers utilize HouseCalls to contact patients with appointment notifications, recall notices, pre-visit instructions and other information.

HCMC conducted both telephone and on-site interviews with randomly selected Practice Managers, IT Directors, Call Center Managers and other staff members directly responsible for the utilization of HouseCalls in their patient care settings. The client base interviewed represents a variety of medical, dental and other healthcare settings throughout the United States and Canada.

Reported results concur with those from the 2001 study, confirming that HouseCalls provides the following benefits for healthcare practices:

  • Staff time savings of more than 100 hours per month. This is time that would otherwise be used to make manual appointment reminder calls.
  • A 30% average reduction in the number of appointment no-shows.
  • An average annual direct cost savings of $25,000 per provider.
  • Enhanced staff morale resulting from greater productivity and efficiency.
  • Increased patient acceptance and reliance on HouseCalls since the initial study.

“HouseCalls client satisfaction is exceptional,” says Terry C. Brauer, CEO of HCMC. “In response to our request to provide an overall grade for HouseCalls, 94% of participants gave the system an A or B rating. In similar studies we’ve conducted, satisfaction results generally fell between 30-75%. TeleVox’s rating is outstanding.”

Lisa Taylor, Senior Vice President of Client Operations for TeleVox, adds “We are grateful to those that participated in this study and are very pleased with the results. TeleVox will continue to strive to earn our clients’ approval of and satisfaction with our solutions.”

About TeleVox – Televox Software, an affiliate of West Interactive Corporation, is a leading provider of communication solutions for the healthcare industry. With 16 years of experience, TeleVox offers a full range of products, including outbound messaging, inbound IVR applications, online patient portals, on-hold messaging, and website design and hosting services. Supported by a state-of-the-art infrastructure, TeleVox solutions resolve time-consuming communication issues associated with appointment reminders, patient notifications and patient inquiry. TeleVox has a worldwide presence in over 14,000 practices and organizations and delivers millions of messages weekly via telephone and the Internet.