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Posted on November 18, 2010 by West Corporation 

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TeleVox Delivers ROI Insight to Customers

ROI Dashboard shows TeleVox customers at-a-glance financial benefits of customer engagement tools to help their businesses perform better

MOBILE, AL – November 18, 2010 — TeleVox Software, the leading provider of patient and customer engagement communications (EC) services to healthcare and commercial markets, today announced an ROI Dashboard as an enhancement to HouseCalls, TeleVox’s hosted automated messaging system. The ROI Dashboard is a business management tool that enables TeleVox clients to calculate the ongoing savings they accrue when using HouseCalls for automated voice calls, text messages and emails to patients instead of staff members making the contacts. It also helps clients derive greater value from their investment by highlighting the underutilized capabilities of HouseCalls each month and suggesting additional messaging strategies.

“The ROI Dashboard is the result of listening to our clients’ needs and our commitment to continually building greater value into our products,” said Scott Zimmerman, President of TeleVox. “Now, clients can see at a glance just how much money they are saving with automated messaging. By showing the financial benefits of more effective and efficient customer engagement tools, the ROI Dashboard is an example of how TeleVox has made it our business to make our clients’ businesses perform better.”

HouseCalls enables clients to engage with their customers in many different ways. Armed with the ROI Dashboard’s visibility into monthly and cumulative savings gained using HouseCalls, TeleVox clients get insight that can allow them to better manage their employee resources, creating greater staff productivity and financial savings. The ROI Dashboard also allows business managers to quickly understand the monetary impact of their patient or customer engagement strategy. Clients can view their customer engagement application usage for:

  • Billing reminders
  • Customer care notifications
  • Appointment reminders
  • Appointment no shows
  • Appointment recalls
  • Holiday greetings, birthday greetings and more

With the ROI Dashboard, clients gain a keener understanding of the volume of communications they are sending via voice, email and text. Underutilized applications represent opportunities for clients to better engage their customers, while increasing their ROI. The ROI Dashboard also includes personalized, market-specific content regarding HouseCalls client communications strategies to create additional patient engagement.