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Posted on May 4, 2010 by West Corporation 

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TeleVox™ Enhances Dental And Orthodontic Industry’s Most Popular Patient Portal Software

T.LINK EC™patient portal software now includes practice marketing, patient referral, patient survey and enhanced patient appointment and notification features

MOBILE, AL — May 4, 2010: TeleVox Software, the leading provider of customer and patient engagement communications (EC) services to healthcare and commercial markets, today announced major enhancements to its T.LINK EC patient portal software. The upgrade from T.LINK EC to T.LINK EC is being rolled out immediately, at no additional cost, to TeleVox’s thousands of orthodontic and dental practices throughout North America, and will be available to new customers beginning May 1, 2010.

Enhancements to T.LINK EC are designed to help dentists and orthodontists build and strengthen practice and patient communications through simple and powerful online tools, all of which can be accessed from a single web-based system. Enhancements to the patient portal software include new practice marketing, patient referral, patient survey and social media tools.

Upgraded Interface Design: T.LINK EC’s user interface has been re-designed to deliver a more intuitive user experience and significantly faster access to patient notification, appointment and practice marketing tools. Navigation and access has been improved so that most features and tools can be accessed in three or less mouse-clicks.

Marketing Manager: T.LINK EC allows practices to choose from a set of pre-installed creative email and e-newsletter templates, which promote a range of initiatives including new products and services, patient-get-patient promotions, oral health reminders and inter-practice promotions. T.LINK EC’s campaign templates have been created by a team of industry experts, so customers are assured that the style and content will maximize audience engagement. All T.LINK EC email templates are Personal Health Information and HIPPA compliant.

T.LINK EC’s advanced Marketing Manager features provide the ability to conduct highly targeted, personalized and individually timed email campaigns that can be distributed according to patient age or location. A practice can use this feature to strategically build product and service awareness over time through educational messages sent on a recurring schedule (e.g. every three months).

Patient Pulse: A powerful survey engine that helps practices track customer satisfaction, treatment success and identify possible unmet needs is now available within T.LINK EC. T.LINK EC’s Patient Pulse comes with a set of survey templates that are fully customizable to a practice’s unique needs while also allowing practices to build custom surveys from scratch. Individual surveys can be timed to be sent to a customer immediately after an appointment in order to get an instant pulse on the patient experience.

T.LINK EC’s Patient Pulse also includes an innovative ‘early warning’ alert. Practices can customize an alert to be sent each time a particular survey response is answered negatively. This gives practices an early warning to potential quality or customer dissatisfaction issues.

The Patient Pulse feature goes far beyond surveys. It also provides practices with the ability to deliver personalized care and treatment information. For example, emails can be created and targeted by procedure, location or doctor advising on patient after-care or what to expect from a procedure such as de-banding. These new patient engagement features help improve patient education and treatment outcomes.

Buzz Builder: A new set of T.LINK EC features called Buzz Builder helps practices strengthen their patient referral activities and build their social media presence. All T.LINK EC patient messages and automated patient notifications can now be sent with Follow Us On Twitter and Become A Facebook Fan buttons. This innovation will help build a base of practice followers by automatically linking patients to a practice’s social media sites.

Patients can also be encouraged to forward practice promotions to a friend, or to participate in Refer-A-Friend promotions, by leveraging Refer-A-Friend buttons located in the patient portal software. Facebook, Twitter and Refer-A-Friend buttons can be added to all T.LINK EC outbound emails, appointment confirmations and patient notifications.

Enhanced Patient Engagement Communications Features and Consulting Services: In addition to powerful new practice marketing tools and an enhanced user interface, T.LINK EC includes a set of improved patient notification and engagement features. Via T.LINK EC’s secure patient portal software, patients can log-in to access their treatment information online including appointment times, billing information and new product and service information. They can also update and edit contact information, find emergency and after-hours information, and even pay their bills online.

Practices now have access to the most comprehensive, scalable and secure patient engagement and communications portal tools available in patient portal software, including PHI and HIPPA compliant email, voice and SMS appointment and treatment scheduling, reminder and update tools.

Industry Leading Service: TeleVox is the only patient portal software provider to offer 24×7 technical support and live online chat, as well as dedicated support teams and specialist consultants to help every client deploy T.LINK EC to their own particular business and practice need. This allows busy practice professionals to optimize their use of TeleVox products and services without having to take time away from important practice management duties.

“T.LINK EC is the most popular portal software, with nearly twice the market share of our nearest competitor. We believe the advances we have made will further increase its popularity. We know we are meeting unmet demands with T.LINK EC,” said Scott Zimmerman, President of TeleVox. “A recent survey of more than 9,000 dentists and orthodontists throughout the US, conducted by TeleVox, told us that more than 60 percent of practices that are not currently proactively promoting and marketing their products and services would do so if it were made easy. This is exactly what we have delivered with T.LINK EC —patient portal software that provides simple and powerful practice marketing, patient referral, patient survey and patient notification tools.”

About TeleVox

Televox Software, a subsidiary of West Corporation, is the leading provider of customer and patient engagement communications (EC) services to healthcare and commercial markets. The TeleVox product and service portfolio includes personalized automated messaging and notifications, interactive website design and hosting, secure online patient portal software, and customer engagement consultancy. TeleVox products and services help B2B and B2C companies create optimal communications and engagement paths with their customers to increase customer satisfaction and retention, resulting in marked improvements in revenue as well as substantially decreased operating costs. TeleVox product and service brands include HouseCalls, LabCalls, T.LINK EC, Vox On-Hold and WebPlus. Supported by 24×7 customer care, TeleVox products and services are used by nearly 17,000 healthcare and commercial enterprises throughout North America. The company is headquartered in Mobile, Alabama.