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Posted on March 4, 2008 by West Corporation 

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TeleVox™ Launches SmartReach 360 Comprehensive Patient Outcomes Solution

Mobile, AL, March 4, 2008 — Televox Software, a leading provider of communication solutions, today announced the launch of SmartReach 360, its patient outcomes solution, through a strategic partnership with MDdatacor Inc., one of the nation’s foremost healthcare quality improvement companies.

SmartReach 360 aims to improve patient outcomes by focusing on four key areas: identifying patient care opportunities for the treating clinician, contacting patients, monitoring patient progress and quantifying outcomes.

“Our clients have increasingly asked for tools to aid in outcome improvement, and we’re confident that SmartReach 360 will help providers achieve their goals,” says Chad Greer, TeleVox’s Vice President of Sales and Product Marketing. “By integrating leading technologies in both data analysis and patient notifications, we’ve been able to develop a solution never before seen in the marketplace.”

SmartReach 360 is a revolutionary approach to physician directed disease management and wellness programs. This web-based solution optimizes quality by analyzing the patient clinical information, collected from physicians via electronic medical records, transcribed office notes, lab results and medical claims, against evidence-based clinical guidelines to identify care opportunities to the treating physician. Staff members are also relieved of the burden of delivering outbound communications to manage those patient visits. At the point-of-care, SmartReach 360 provides data to assist in physicians’ decision making. As patient healthcare improves, SmartReach 360 measures and quantifies these results to support pay-for-performance and other improvement-driven programs.

Patients benefit from a more proactive approach to their care and are introduced to new opportunities to improve their health. They will also receive more thorough notification from providers, as SmartReach 360 can deliver courtesy reminders, recalls and other communications by phone, e-mail or text message.

“We are pleased to have an opportunity to work with TeleVox, a company that not only has innovative technology solutions for patient outreach, but a vision to improve healthcare delivery,” said Timothy Roche, MDdatacor’s co-founder, President and Chief Executive Officer. “SmartReach 360 is an innovative approach to clinical data collection, analysis, reporting and patient outreach. This proactive system allows physicians to develop and implement disease management and wellness programs based on clinical criteria, then communicate with patients to improve health outcomes.”

Recent research supports the need for a solution like SmartReach 360 in the healthcare industry. The 2006 Doctors’ Office Quality-Information Technology Project (DOQ-IT) Study shows that more than 70% of patients do not receive recommended preventative care and according to the 2005 Health Plan Employer Data and Information Set (HEDIS) Study, over 50% of chronic disease patients do not receive follow-up care indicated by evidence-based guidelines.

Organizations interested in learning more about SmartReach 360 technology are encouraged to contact TeleVox at 1-800-644-4266 or for further information.

About TeleVox – Televox Software, an affiliate of West Interactive Corporation, is a leading provider of communication solutions for the healthcare industry. With 16 years of experience, TeleVox offers a full range of products, including outbound messaging, inbound IVR applications, online patient portals, on-hold messaging, and website design and hosting services. Supported by a state-of-the-art infrastructure, TeleVox solutions resolve time-consuming communication issues associated with appointment reminders, patient notifications and patient inquiry. TeleVox has a worldwide presence in over 14,000 practices and organizations and delivers millions of messages weekly via telephone, email and text.

About MDdatacor, Inc. – Based in Atlanta, Georgia, MDdatacor is a health care information technology company that facilitates the collection and analysis of clinical patient data. The company consolidates multiple sources of both structured and unstructured data into a single searchable HIPAA-compliant database, without time consuming and expensive data entry on the part of physician practices. MDdatacor combines the electronic clinical data collected from treating physicians (e.g. transcribed notes, electronic medical records and lab results) with the claims and prescription data collected from the health insurance industry. This information can be used in support of pay-for-performance, disease management, and quality improvement programs. MDdatacor’s network currently supports over 7,000 physicians, representing more than seven million patients. More information is available at