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Posted on September 24, 2013 by West Corporation 

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TeleVox President Scott Zimmerman to Speak on Improving Patient Cooperation at MGMA 2013 Annual Conference

Zimmerman plans to highlight key steps providers can take now to get more Americans to follow treatment plans

TeleVox President Scott Zimmerman is spreading the message about improving the effectiveness of communication between healthcare providers and patients. Zimmerman will be a presenter at this year’s Medical Group Management Association’s Annual Conference in San Diego on Monday, October 7th. Zimmerman’s presentation, from 1:15-1:45 p.m. in the Healthcare Innovation Pavilion 7, will highlight solutions and interaction techniques that healthcare providers can use to effectively communicate with their patients.

New treatments or ways of preventing an illness are released to the public on a regular basis, yet 115 million Americans still don’t feel healthy. Perhaps this is because healthcare consumers aren’t fully taking advantage of what’s available to help them achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, TeleVox’s Healthy World research has uncovered alarming findings about the relationship between patients and their healthcare providers:

  • 83 percent of Americans don’t follow their doctors’ treatment plans as prescribed.
  • Only seven percent of providers feel they successfully help patients become healthier individuals.

“The problem isn’t the treatment plan,” Zimmerman said. “More emphasis needs to be placed on how doctors can get patients to follow-through with treatment plans. Technology can aid in this process. Using text messages, email and phone calls between office visits is a great way to keep the lines of communication open between patients and providers throughout the year, giving patients the encouragement and engagement they need to stick to treatment plans.”

In addition to his role as President of TeleVox and as spearhead of the TeleVox Healthy World Initiative, Zimmerman is a regularly published thought leader on engaging patients via ongoing communication between office visits. Zimmerman possesses 20 years of proven performance in the healthcare industry, with domain knowledge in the surgical, interventional and pharmaceutical arenas. Prior to joining TeleVox, Scott served for nine years at GE Healthcare in a variety of cross-functional and global leadership roles in sales, services, quality, marketing, pricing, finance and product development. Scott is a graduate of the John M. Olin School of Business at Washington University in St. Louis.

About Healthy World

A healthy world, while global by definition, actually happens one person at a time. It is driven by forward-thinking healthcare practitioners who understand their involvement is critical to ensuring a healthy population.

The Healthy World initiative, launched by TeleVox, aims at helping people — young and old — be healthy. The driving force behind the goal of creating a healthy world are the healthcare professionals who take the time to engage patients with personalized, thoughtful, ongoing communications that encourage and inspire them to embrace and follow ongoing treatment plans.

They know every communication with a patient — including those that take place between office visits — is an opportunity to help that person understand the importance of good habits like nutrition, physical activity, taking their medications as prescribed and following new treatment recommendations. Engaging patients and their families between visits through proactive, relevant communications helps them to wake up and stay focused on positive behavior changes is the way to create a healthy world — one patient at a time.