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Posted on April 23, 2009 by West Corporation 

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To Stay Healthy, Please Press 1

Doctors maintain personal touch with patients through automated phone, email and text messages

MOBILE, AL (April 23, 2009)This is Bay Side Medical Center calling with a preventive healthcare message. If you have not received a mammogram in the past 12 months we encourage you to schedule one before the end of the year. Bay Side Medical Center cares about your health. To schedule an appointment, please press 1.

Proactive communication about preventative health services like mammograms, flu shots, and advice to stop smoking is an innovative way for doctors to build stronger relationships with patients — and provide them with the information they need to stay well and improve their health.

Everyone is interested in preventive health care. Yet, lifestyle-related behaviors account for half of the ten leading causes of death in the United States. Former Secretary of Health and Human Services Tommy Thompson likened this “to waiting for your car to break down before you take it in for maintenance.” Many do it, but it certainly isn’t the best approach—on the road or in life!

Consequently, today’s preventative care has become less about health promotion and more about early diagnosis. That’s why some doctors are bringing back the notion of making house calls through TeleVox SmartReach 360.

TeleVox SmartReach 360® is a hosted software solution that is poised to play a big role in addressing a preventative care gap by identifying care opportunities and monitoring progress through one fully integrated, web-based software application.

Research supports the need for a solution like SmartReach 360 in the healthcare industry. A recent Doctors’ Office Quality Information Technology Project (DOQ-IT) study shows that more than 70% of patients do not receive recommended preventative care.

“When it comes to patient care, there’s no such thing as too much information,” said Scott Zimmerman, business leader for TeleVox. “SmartReach 360 provides patients with a more proactive approach to their care and introduces them to new opportunities to improve their health. Patients receive timely, relevant information from their providers, with SmartReach 360 delivering courtesy reminders, recalls notices and other communications by phone, e-mail or text message.”

TeleVox SmartReach 360® outbound notifications can be personalized to include name, date, provider, location and other special instructions. Each call includes response options for patients to confirm or cancel an appointment, leave a message or speak with a live representative.

Zimmerman notes that physicians use SmartReach 360 to develop and implement disease management and wellness programs based on clinical criteria, and then automatically communicate with patients to improve health. “Physicians benefit from increased awareness of their treatment programs as well as support for pay-for-performance and other improvement-driven programs.”

About SmartReach 360
Powered by MDdatacor, SmartReach 360 is designed to improve patient health by focusing on four key areas: identifying patient care opportunities, contacting patients and monitoring patient progress and outcomes.

This web-based solution optimizes the quality of patient care by analyzing the patient clinical information collected from physicians via electronic medical records, transcribed office notes, lab results and medical claims to identify care opportunities to the treating physician. Staff members are also relieved of the burden of delivering outbound communications to manage those patient visits. At the point-of-care, SmartReach 360 provides data to assist in physicians’ decision making. As patient healthcare improves, SmartReach 360 measures these results to support pay-for-performance and other improvement-driven programs.

About TeleVox
For years leading doctors have chosen TeleVox for proactive, effective and timely healthcare communication. TeleVox offers value-driven, secure and reliable communications solutions that help create new revenue streams for healthcare providers and proactively inform their patients.

TeleVox understands that patients want to receive communication from their doctors in a secure and timely fashion, using the most convenient channel to reach them. That’s why TeleVox broadens doctor-patient communication channels beyond voice, with the right mix of technology and human touch.

TeleVox offers and hosts multimedia outbound messaging platforms, communication portals, and proactive communication programs that seamlessly integrate to data and practice management systems. Formed in 1992, TeleVox has worldwide presence in over 14,000 practices and organizations, and accurately delivers millions of multimedia messages every week.

An affiliate of West Interactive Corporation, TeleVox is headquartered in Mobile, Alabama. For more information, visit the Company’s website at or call 1.800.644.4266.


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