Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Information regarding ClientTell’s privacy practices

This document describes ClientTell’s Software’s (hereafter referred to as Provider’s policy regarding information received about you during visits to our website. The amount and type of information received depends on how you use our site.

Normal Website Usage

You can visit Provider’s website to read product information without telling us who you are and without revealing any information about yourself. We do keep track of the domains from which people visit us and the websites that referred those visitors to us. We use this information to generate statistics and measure site activity to improve the usefulness of customer visits. During normal website usage, we do not collect or store personal information such as name, mailing address, e-mail address, phone number or Social Security Number.

Collection of Personal Information

There are instances where Provider requests personal information to provide the website visitor with requested correspondence (sales or support phone call or mailed brochures). This information, such as your name and contact information, is collected and stored in a manner appropriate to the nature of the data and is used to fulfill your request. The information you provide is used by Provider to improve the services we provide you. It is never provided to any other company for that company’s independent use.

Email Sent To Us That Contains Personal Information

Internet users may decide to send Provider personally identifying information, for example, in a message containing comments about the Provider website. Provider will only use this information to identify the user. We will not use this information other than to resolve the matter identified in the e-mail.

Other Websites

The Provider site contains links to other websites. Provider is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such websites.

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